Spot the moquette

Spot the moquette

For various reasons, there may be patches of food, ink, chemicals, and any other colored or contaminated material on your carpet. Here is a list of types of stains and methods to clean them.
The first issue in carpet staining is to do this as soon as possible. The longer the gap between smudging and smudging increases, the probability of failure will increase.
Gum fragments

To remove pieces of gum from the moquette , first use a piece of ice to dry and rinse the chewing gum and then remove it from the carpet using a knuckle.
To prevent wetting of the carpet by ice, you can place ice parts in a freezer bag and put the bag on the carpet.
Drops of candles and paraffin

Candles and paraffin can be cleaned by the way they are said about gum items.
Ink drops

Use yogurt to clean ink on the carpet. Put enough yogurt on the contaminated portions and move the yogurt to spots so that it is well mixed with ink. Then remove a dipped yogurt spoon from the carpet. It may be necessary to repeat this several times in order to obtain an acceptable result.
Stain tea on car carpet

Use tropical water and shampoo to clean the tea and all kinds of common drinks from car carpet. Getting help from a sponge piece will help you do this.
This method can also be used to clean other common drinks, such as coffee and syrup.
Sweet drinks

Cleaning the sweets from the carpet is very important because it causes carpet decay. Use of lukewarm water is recommended in these cases.
Spots of oil, fat and wax

To clean these types of stains, first try to remove the carpet as much as possible using the spoon. Then put a white and clean cotton cloth on the infected part, and by moving the warm iron on the fabric, some other fat absorbs the cloth. Finally, you can clean the carpet with white vinegar. Do not forget that you should also remove vinegar from the carpet afterwards.
Spotted eggs and blood

Use the combination of lukewarm water, soap and salt and vinegar to remove these spots. After clearing of tired water, remove detergents.
Stain and soot and soot

If the color of the underlying area of ​​your carpet is on, it may be visible in the short run, for example, soot and soil. To remove this type of contamination, pour the amount of salt onto the contaminated part and, after half an hour, remove it using a carpet cleaner.
In addition to the above method, you can combine a small amount of carpet shampoo into a medium bowl with a small amount of water and stir so that it is foamed. Then, using the sponge, remove the foam on the carpet and remove the contaminants. After several times, rinse the sponge with clean water so that the contaminants absorbed into the sponge do not spread to the carpet.